Why we are so successful?

Our expert credit repair service utilizes the knowledge we’ve accumulated since 1993, dealing with every possible situation successfully, making us America’s trusted source for credit restoration. Credit Repair Attorney’s (past and present) actually use our services because of our experience and high success rate. We developed over time the skills and know how to defeat the intimidation practices used by the credit bureaus, collection agencies and credit industry, which seem to favor big business rather than the consumer. You can rely on our extensive knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, along with our many years of experience and time proven letter writing, forms and lawful notices to achieve your financial goals. Our service can remove inaccurate, negative, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports with all three major credit reporting agencies.

We handle only a limited number of clients at a time to ensure our ability to devote our full attention to every case. There are no long-term contracts, allowing you to cancel service at any time. We continue to work on your behalf until you notify us you would like to stop service, or until you are fully satisfied that we have met your goals. Restarting is a simple process should you ever need our services again. The results will be rewarding to you financially and can save you thousands of dollars in interest from credit cards or other loans.

This message is to say thank you.

“As many of you know it is still an unanswered mystery to me as to how I got that mysterious email which gave me your name and web address. I then looked you up because I had been asking myself who in your line of work should I trust to help me. I had been trying on my own with some success in improving my credit score with a goal of owning a larger home.

Your crew has helped me improve my score and has ultimately been a help in my home purchase.

I signed the final papers yesterday evening.

I want to say thank you and Mery Christmas!”

Scott D. – East Palestine, OH


To The Credit Guru,

“I have used this agency for years. They have been SUPER PROMPT, really friendly, and REALLY helped my credit score. I have rarely been as impressed with any business as I have been with them. I trust them absolutely with all my information.”

Erin, Sausalito, CA


To Everyone at The Credit Guru,

Words cannot express the profound effect you have had on my life.  If you had not have been referred to me by a reputable loan officer I would have assumed this was a scam. (To be honest I still wasn’t so sure to start off with)  In three months you took me from someone who couldn’t get a decent rental, to owning my own home. Because of the location of our new home I was able to get my son, who is autistic, into one of the best programs in the state.  He is already a different kid.  I have no words for what that means to my wife and I.  From my family to all of you thank you. You always had someone there to answer the phone, and every email I sent was responded to the same day.  I never would of thought I could have gotten out from under the wieght of my poor decisions earlier in life. But thanks to you I’m a homeowner now. I hope that you use this testimonial on your website. I have recommended you to everyone in my family and at my work. Oh yeah, you also saved me a ton of cash when I got my new truck, thanks to my much and improved credit score.

Paul – Poulsbo, WA


To The Credit Guru

“I told George I had said a little prayer and prayed that my score would jumped up 7 points – he said he said a little prayer as well.  But I have to say you also helped me a lot. Last time and this time. With all the disputes you all sent out in a timely manner especially this time and on short notice. Even if this time nothing got deleted maybe just disputing them made them look at my scores. I dont know how they adjust the scores. You all always made me feel like I was the only client when I know that is not true.  I just had to share that with you!”

– Anonymous


Hey Guru’s, just wanted to send you a note, letting you know how impressed I am with what you guys have done for me so far. From Oct. of 2007, to now June 2008, my score has gone up 105 points! Amazing, I’m not sure where i’m calling when I call, it seems far since there’s a 3 hour time difference, but i’ve yet to feel rushed and i’ve never been given the feeling of being an “inconvenience” when I do call, these days that’s saying alot. I’m letting my customers and friends know about your service whenever I feel it’s appropriate. This experience has taught me alot, and although I can’t reverse time, i’m handing my knowlege to my 15 year old son and making sure he doesn’t ever feel the stress i’ve felt in the past, knowing that in just a few years he’ll be college age and i’ll be able to use my good credit to pay for his education, is the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders.  Again, I thank you and your company for the attention you’ve given to my account and i’m looking forward to seeing more progress with my score in the near future.

Thanks again- D. M, Fishkill, NY


Hey everyone, I wanted to send you guys an E-mail to thank you for all the hard work you folks did to help me improve my credit scores. I am at a point now, where it looks like my re-fi is going through and you were an integral part in making that happen! If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to give me a call. Since I am done with this process for now, please close out my account and if I ever need credit assistance in the future!

– Benjamin, Lynnwood, WA


These people made me aware of one thing:

Just because you have bad credit – doens’t mean you are a bad person. You just had a couple of accidents – and Jon provides the bandaid and care for you. I was unaware of how much power a letter carries. As of today – he deleted almost over 15 items of my report – MAGIC??? No – hard work and persistancy. I wouldn’t want him as a collector!!! Keep up the good work Jon and thanks for lifing the dark clouds over my credit.

…Angela – Torrance, California



wanted to thank you so much for the information that I received on your website. I was at a point of desperation when I came across your site. I had been called by a collection agency that was trying collect a debt more than seven years old. The tactics they were using were vicious. I felt like a hostage in my own home and was waiting to be served with a summons every second of the day. What made matters worse was that the debt that were trying to collect was not even my debt as I had already disputed it with the credit card company. My house and possessions were threatened, I was called a liar, my integrity was questioned, my parents and workplace were called, etc. It was awful. I could not believe this practice was legal in America. Then I came across your website and found out it was not. Thanks you so much. Because of all of the wonderful information that I obtained from your website, I can finally rest at home and at work now. I retained an attorney and he sent the company a letter.

Besides reading the credit laws and your wall of shame, I also read all of the credit repair and other information links. It really frightened me that it is so easy for companies to report things to a credit bureau and I was even more surprised to learn how credit bureaus make money. I am now very concerned about my credit past and future and will be checking my credit report regularly and disputing anything that may show up on it. Until we have better laws to protect a consumer, I hope everyone who comes across your website will be equally concerned about their credit. I think that you are providing a wonderful public service. I will be checking my credit soon with all three bureaus and will be in touch with any possible disputes.

On a personal note, I want to thank you also for your quick and personal response to my e-mail and concerns. Not only are you providing a great service, your customer service qualities reassured me and made me feel so much better. I appreciate you very much!

Warmest regards and I will be in touch on a regular basis as I check my credit and dispute any allegations.

Many thanks…..C.L – The Carolinas


He’s the Best. Everytime I call I speak to Jon, he’s the one who does the work , and he knows me and my situation. My credit score has jumped in just 2 months. I am so happy I just was approved for my 1st credit card in over 4 years. Way to Go…

…Joel – Chicago, IL


I am extremely happy with the results the Credit Guru produced on my behalf in regards to my credit reports. I had tried to deal with the credit reporting agencies on my own, and I was not able to achieve any sort of change or results in my credit. After hiring the Credit Guru, he achieved my credit goals in a matter of months and produced the results I desired but couldn’t achieve on my own. Thank you so much!

Deborah – SAN RAFAEL, CA


We just have one thing to say….”Thank God there is someone like Jon (The Credit Guru) out there. Not everyone can afford an Attorney and most of those Credit Repair places charge a fortune. Our credit is back on track, Hey we just got approved for our first mortgage!!!

… Laurie and Eddie,- Delray Bch., Florida


… Good Job, you saved me a lot of money and 7 years of Bad Luck by having my credit reports cleared of negative credit. Thank you!!

Karen,- New York, New York


I am a single divorced parent. My husband left me quite alot of debt and my credit was very bad. I have been with The Credit Guru for 6 months now and my credit score went from 490 to 675. The Credit Bureaus lied to me when they told me no one can repair credit. Thank you Jon.

…Cathy, Los Angeles