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Returning Client Service Agreement

“Limited Power of Attorney allowing us to work on your behalf with the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), and all creditors and collection agencies”

  1. This agreement between The Credit Guru and the undersigned (The Client) is for the express purpose of credit report improvement. The Credit Guru will attempt the removal of errors, misrepresentations, or unverifiable information that The Client claims to appear on the credit report(s) they have furnished to us. This is not a debt consolidation or bill payment program. Federal law requires that any unverifiable, outdated or erroneous information must be removed, regardless of accuracy. The Credit Guru agrees to act diligently in the pursuit of this legal matter, and will carry out this agreement within all Federal and States laws.
  2. To restart it’s just $89.00 (which is the first months payment so the 2nd month won’t be due for 60 days.) , (the client must supply all 3 bureau credit reports unless purchased through The Credit Guru for an additional $30.00.) The Client agrees there is a monthly fee in the amount of $89.00 for all associated with this service The fee is automatically billed at the end of each month of work completed, unless the client has cancelled service in writing. Failure to pay by the due date results in a $10.00 late fee if account falls 15 days or more past due.The Credit Guru agrees to perform the service for this amount and states that there are no additional costs.
  3. The Client agrees to send all correspondence and credit reports from the credit reporting agencies to The Credit Guru as soon as received and not to send any correspondence back to the credit reporting agencies. The Client also agrees to not to dispute their own credit files, or allow another third party source to do so throughout the dispute process. The Client must notify The Credit Guru if they have not received any credit reports or correspondence from the credit reporting agencies 40 days after the last correspondence from The Credit Guru or the credit reporting agencies. The client must also inform The Credit Guru of any change of address or any other status. Failure to do so puts The Client responsible for any lack of progress in the disputing process.
  4. The client is held responsible for payment for all work completed. If payment for any period of work performed is not received by the appropriate due date, the client hereby gives implicit permission to The Credit Guru to charge the client’s debit/credit Card on file for the client’s account. The term of this agreement shall be one year, but does not bind the client to a full year of service. If the client decides to cancel the monthly service at any time during the year, a written request must be sent to The Credit Guru. If The Credit Guru has worked on your file prior to receiving your written cancellation but after the 15th day of the previous month, you will be charged for the current month and then cancelled. If the client does not cancel, The Credit Guru will automatically renew this agreement for an additional year if the service has not been completed. The Credit Guru reserves the right to end the procedure if it is concluded that no further work is necessary.
  5. Due to the nature of this legal service, I understand that individuals that assist The Credit Guru in this matter may view my file and its contents. All people such as legal or research assistants and secretaries have been alerted to the sensitivity of these documents. The Credit Guru and their staff will take all reasonable measures to ensure that this information will be handled in a responsible manner.
  6. I, the undersigned give Power of Attorney to The Credit Guru, for the sole purpose of acquiring, requesting verification and disputing any information in regards to my credit report(s). By signing this document, I acknowledge that I (We) have 5 business days to cancel for a full refund and have read the “Consumer Credit File Rights under Federal and State Law”.By signing this document, I acknowledge that I(We) have 5 business days to cancel for a full refund and I acknowledge reading “Consumer Credit File Rights Under Federal and State Law” (can be found here).
I (The Client), have read this agreement in its entirety, understand it, and agree to abide by the terms within.

(Please print this form for your records)

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