Paralegal Services

 Debt Negotiation – Debt Validation – Payoff Assessments – Notarizations – Seminars

Debt Negotiation
• Initial consultation to discuss accounts and pros and cons of settlement.
• Detailed assessment of accounts at issue. This includes, for example, in depth research of the debt collector with regards to compliance with state licensing requirements; complaint history with consumers; and litigation history.
• Direct intervention with debt collector to negotiate settlement.
• Written confirmation from debt collector that debt will be satisfied in full upon settlement.

Debt Validation/Cease Communication
• Initial consultation to discuss accounts and communication history with debt collector.
• Assistance in drafting debt validation and cease communication correspondence to debt collector.
• Direct intervention with debt collector to confirm compliance with debt validation/cease communication request.

Payoff Assessments
• Initial consultation to review credit reports and discuss financial goals.
• Detailed review of all open, active accounts to assess balance-to-limit ratio and whether paying down balances could improve credit scores.
• Review of all outstanding public records, collections or accounts in charge off status to determine potential for settlement, or removal from credit reports altogether, if invalid.
• Compilation of a formal plan that prioritizes which debt to pay first to best optimize credit scores and support financial goals.

• Notarizations are performed on a case-by-case basis after review of the related document.

First Time Homebuyer Seminars
• Partnered with one of our networked loan officers or real estate agents, we teach the importance of credit reports and debt management. We also explain what to expect at the final signing for your mortgage transaction.
• Lenders are particular about the status of the accounts on your credit reports and how those accounts are described on your credit reports, as well as any name variations that show up. To help you minimize hassles that disrupt the buying process, we will address among other things:
(1) The importance of reviewing credit reports early on;
(2) How to determine if you need a payoff assessment to address debt and optimize credit scores;
(3) How to handle derogatory or inaccurate name variations on credit reports.