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JonOwner, Jon Rosenthal, established The Credit Guru in 1993 in an effort to provide affordable “by-the-book” credit repair to consumers in need. He previously worked for a tax attorney who put him in charge of all credit repair and debt collection research for his practice which in turn led to Mr. Rosenthal becoming an expert in FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) compliance. When the attorney he worked for retired, Mr. Rosenthal opened The Credit Guru. He saw a need for legitimacy in the industry and has been a strong consumer advocate in this field ever since.


AnneAdministrative Lead, AnneMarie, , joined The Credit Guru team in July of 2009. Her background includes a degree in the sciences and work experience in an office environment. When she first graduated from college she found herself in the unfamiliar world of retail. Her strong desire to provide outstanding customer service allowed her to excel, and she held multiple management positions over the years. However, she still longed to work in an office environment where she could be part of a work-family and where she could make a real difference in people’s lives.

AnneMarie finally managed to break free from retail when she started working as the Dispute Specialist for The Credit Guru in 2009. She soaked up knowledge of the credit world like a sponge. The sort of difference The Credit Guru makes in its client’s lives… helping receive loan approval, moving to safer neighborhoods, getting their children into better school districts… was exactly what AnneMarie had always longed to be a part of. In a few short years she stepped up to become the Administrative Lead. She currently handles client billing as well as the more in-depth credit questions for current clientele. It has been a long adventure, but AnneMarie has finally found her place in this world and intends to stay with The Credit Guru for decades to come.



Dispute Specialist, Kris, arrived at The Credit Guru in June of 2013 with eagerness to help clients improve their credit. Kris had a previous position as office manager and inside sales assistant for a promotional products company. Prior to that she was co-owner of a successful film production company based in Seattle for many years. In both positions she was responsible for a variety of office tasks, client satisfaction and a desire for optimal outcomes for every administrative activity. That desire for optimal outcomes still drives her when performing her dispute specialist duties. That desire to help our clients improve their credit is still her driving force.



Administrative Assistant, Nadia, started at The Credit Guru in January of 2014. She acts as the first point of contact for the company. With years of experience in customer service and computer technology, she provides her skills to ensure that clients receive the best quality of service that The Credit Guru can offer. Her contributions include receiving all incoming documents, arranging appointments for the other staff members, ensuring the confidentiality of client information, and aiding the Administrative Lead with various other office duties. While working for The Credit Guru, Nadia is currently a pre-med student working towards a degree in Biology.


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Fibroblast Plasma Pen
Skin Tightening

Specialising in the latest advanced nonsurgical eyelifts 

& skin tightening on the Gold Coast.

Fast results & minimal downtime.


The revolutionary Fibroblast Plasma Pen skin tightening treatments are new to Australia but are already popular in countries such as the UK and US. Treatments include non-surgical skin tightening, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), neck lift, removal of smokers’ lines, frown lines, stretch marks and much more giving you fast, noticeable and natural results with minimal downtime. 


Returning clients receive follow-up treatments at a discounted rate. 

Please ask your consultant or see price list for details.  

Price List

Why Choose Fibroblast Plasma Pen Treatments?

Plasma pen therapy combines the benefits of Fractionated Laser, RF (Radio Frequency), and HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) in one simple, safe and cost-effective treatment. Unlike many other treatments the plasma pen is safe to use on all areas of the face and body including around the eyes. These properties make the plasma pen an ideal choice for non-surgical eye lifts without the need for scalpels or needles.

Plasma works on the epidermis (upper skin layers) by regenerating brand new skin cells while producing high levels of fibroblast activity in the dermis (lower skin layers). This stimulates the production of the structural components of the skin i.e. collagen, elastin and reticular fibres. The initial results seen after treatment are the upper skin layers regenerating and the long-term results give an overall effect of plumping, firming, tightening, and lifting of the skin.

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Treats the Signs of Aging

• Fine lines
• Crepiness
• Loose or sagging skin
• Expression lines
• Deep wrinkles
• Eyebags
• Age spots
• Sallow & uneven skin tone
• Acne scarring
• Liver spots, warts & skin tags


The Plasmedic device utilizes the functional properties of plasma to achieve instant and ongoing skin tightening. Using our Plasmedic device we sublimate (turn a solid directly into a gas) excess skin in a micromillimetre sized spot following the reduction grid method. As well as sublimating excess skin we also produce heat under the skin and your skin responds by producing more collagen and elastin.

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Advanced Skin Tightening

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